Bog Wetland Photos


Blue Flag Iris


Purple Pitcher

Plant In bloom

Green Heron

Above Photos by Tom Lowden


Cinnamon Fern

Fiddle Heads  

Winterberry Holly

Tickseed in Bloom

Above Photos by Tom Lowden


Oct 2009 Aerial View of the Bog

Mink in the marsh zone

Joe-pye-weed Blossom

Photo by Jim Curtis

Photo by Judy Kaplan

Photo by Bob Vetter




Swan Family of eight


One unhappy Red-winged Blackbird

Photos by Michael Kulis 6/3/2011


Great Egret in the Marsh Zone

Bittersweet Nightshade Fall colors & in bloom

Photos by Michael Huft

Garter Snake

sunning itself

Purple Pitcher Plant

In Winter foliage

Sandhill Crane

with Chick

Long-eared Owl

migrating through

(- - - - - - - Above 3 photos by Bob Vetter - - - - - - -)

Above photo by Jerry Donahue



Leatherleaf in Bloom

Pussy Willows in bloom

Photos by Carol Freeman

Photos by Bob Vetter


Tiger Salamander

Star Flowers

Bog Buckbean

Water Arum

Photos by Bob Vetter


Red Osier Dogwood

Purple Loosestrife

Crested Fern

Chokeberry blossoms

Poison Sumac berries

Water Arum seed pods

Photos by Bob Vetter

Bog Buckbean Blossoms

Muskrat feeding


Royal Fern

Sphagnum Moss

                Photos By George Murphy

Photos by Bob Vetter


Rose Pogonia

Bog Center in Spring

Bog Center in Winter

Tufted Loosestrife

Indian Pipe

Photos by Tom Lowden

Photos by Bob Vetter

Photo by Phyllis Siegle


Rose Pogonia Orchids

Meadowsweet Spirea

Humped Bladderwort blooms


Indian Pipes

Photos by Ralph Behrens


Arrowhead blooms

Tamarack cones


Leopard Frog

Water Shield in bloom

Photos by Bill Ewart

Photos by Yoran Kalman




Water Shield

Cotton Sedge


Photos by Amy J Ruiz

Photos by Bob Vetter


Blue Dasher

Common Green  Darner

Eastern Pond Hawk

White-face Meadow Hawk (M)

The above are some of the dragonflies that help keep Volo Bog free of mosquitoes and pesky flies

Photos by  the “Dragon Lady” Yvette Liautaud


12 Spotted Skimmer (M)

Widow Skimmer (F)

Common Whitetail (M)

Dot-tailed Whiteface





Common Green Darner (M)

Blue-fronted Dancer (F)

Familiar Bluet

Lyre-tipped Spreadwing (M)

Photos of 5 dragonflies & 3 damselflies  by Roger Shamey


These lovely Sandhill Crane & Wood Duck photos were  taken at Volo Bog in the Spring of  2007


Photos by Arlene Koziol


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