2020-2021 Photo Contest

The Winning Pictures are up!

Come out and vote for your favorites*

* Masks are required and please observe Covid guidelines

FOVB Photo contest 2021.jpg
Judges choice best of show.jpg

Best of Show Judges' Award 

Michael Schmitt of Grayslake for Wood Duck 

Best of Show

Peoples best of show.jpg

Best of Show People's Choice

Ken Olsen of Palatine for Peekaboo

Color Plant

color plant winners 2021.jpg

1st Place

Deanna Moran for "Lily Pad Seed Pod"

2nd Place

John Berwanger for "Copper River"

3rd Place

Deanna Moran for "Milkweed"

Beyond the Midwest Winners 2021.jpg

Beyond the Midwest

1st Place

Sari Nienaber for "Crater Lake Sunrise, Kelimutu Nature Preserve"

2nd Place

Joseph Norton for "Cheetah Cubs in Maasai Mara, Kenya"

3rd Place

Joseph Norton for "Lions Cubs in Mud"

Black and White Animal

Vertibrates B&W 2021.jpg

1st Place

Michael Anthony Schmitt

for "Wood Duck Reflections"

2nd Place

Stacey Greenhill for "Barn Owl"

3rd Place

Sari Nienaber for "Time for a Manicure"

Black and White Plant

Black and white plant winners (2).jpg

1st Place

Brandie Dunn for "Neowise Over the Straits of Mackinac"

2nd Place

Anthony Roma for "Lake in the Woods"

3rd Place

John Berwanger for "Big Bog Lake"

Invertibrates winners 2021.jpg

Color Invertibrate

1st Place

John Berwanger for "Hummingbird Moth Feeding on a Milkweed"

2nd Place

Michael Michael Anthony Schmitt for "Honeybee on Virginia Spiderwort"

3rd Place

Kelly Kuningas for "Monarchs on Spiderwort"

color landscape winners 2021.jpg

Color Landscape

vertibrates winners.jpg

Color Vertibrates

1st Place

Michael Michael Anthony Schmitt for "Pileated Woodpecker Feeds Her Young"

2nd Place

Ken Olsen for "Peekaboo"

3rd Place

Joe Norton for "Peekaboo - Great Horned Owlet"

People and Pets in Nature

People in nature winners 2021.jpg

1st Place

Stacey Greenhill for "Double Greenhill"

2nd Place

Anthony Roma for "Overlooking the Valley"

3rd Place

Jessica Lanners for "Caught It"