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Volo Bog Interpretive Board Walk Closed Until???

After nearly 100 years of providing a pathway into Illinois’ only open-water quaking bog, the Volo Bog Boardwalk has been closed for the longest period yet.  Various sections into the bog are impassable, thus all but the marsh boardwalk will be closed until repairs can again be made.

A permanent solution, with floats, is necessary! 

We thought we were making progress. Thanks to your letters over the summer, the wheels were in motion to formulate a solution.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of projects vying for the attention of the IDNR director.  We need you to add YOUR voice (or speak up yet again) so our needs aren't drowned out.


Why worry about even having a Volo Bog boardwalk? 

  • Because we don’t preserve what we don’t love. 

  • We don’t love what we don’t understand. 

  • We don’t understand what we don’t know. 

  • How many months, years, or generations will pass until Volo Bog, with its unique floating soils and 25 endangered plant species, is not even in the minds of the people of Illinois?  

  • Out of sight, out of mind.

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