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Volunteer and Make a Difference


Volunteers contribute in numerous ways to the programming and public relations at Volo Bog State Natural Area and Moraine Hills/McHenry Dam State Park. 


A park needs all the friends it can get! Some of our members also have time to contribute as volunteers but this is not required for membership.

Volunteers for us (the Friends):

  • Serve on our board

  • Serve on committees such as scholarship or grants.

  • Help with special events

  • Represent us at Outreach Events

  • Serve as Webmaster

  • Assist with Social Media

  • Operate our gift shop


Some of our members also volunteer for parks through IDNR. At Volo Bog State Natural Area and Moraine Hills/McHenry Dam State Park these positions include:

  • Docents in the Nature Center

  • Roving Naturalists

  • Naturalist Guides

  • Bird Walk Leaders

  • Bluebird Monitors

  • Native Gardeners

  • Youth Program Naturalists


Many volunteers from the sites are members of the Friends of Volo Bog or the Friends of Moraine Hills State Park but membership is not required - the two groups are separate.

What will you gain from your experience(s)?:

  • Training experience

  • Knowledge

  • Leadership skills

  • Being part of an amazing community and much more.

Interested? Want to learn more?
See printable volunteer application form.      
Any Questions?  Call Stacy Iwanicki at Volo Bog 815-344-1294

We cross-pollinate a lot! However you volunteer (through the IDNR or through us) we offer a discounted membership rate and consider you an Active Member.

Near the end of the year, Friends members and volunteers alike gather for an annual potluck dinner, where we swap stories, and find out who is chosen as the Volunteer of the Year! 

No time to volunteer? No problem. The supporting rate helps out a bit more with a higher membership fee. Either way, we value your support!

People who are interested in  becoming an IDNR volunteer can call the Volo Bog office at 815-344-1294 for more information. If you wish to serve our organization, emails us at
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