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Volo Bog Library


The Volo Bog Library has over 1,000 books housed on its shelves.  Some were purchased by The Volo Bog State Natural Area, some by the Friends of  Volo Bog, and some are donated by visitors to Volo Bog. The library collection of Astronomical Society is incorporated into Volo Bog’s library and can be found on the top shelf.


The books are catalogued and processed for the shelves by a core group of volunteers using the Dewey Decimal System. The catalog of books is maintained in an old-fashioned card catalog found in the library.


New books are always added to the collection.  Occasionally old books are culled from the shelves, and offered for sale in the Friends of Volo Bog’s Tamarack Shop for 50 cents soft cover & one dollar hard cover.


Periodicals come to Volo Bog as Subscription Donations. While it is not practical for the Library to accept back issues from “Grandma’s Attic” (we have most of the articles from these) exceptions are made in rare cases, so please ask.


The current issue of each donated periodical can be found in the rack on the post in the library.  Back issues are kept for a year organized in special folders on the bottom shelves.  After the magazines are over a year old, they are torn apart, saving articles that may be useful to Volo Bog’s library users. The rest of each magazine is recycled.


A collection of audio tapes and CDs has been added to Volo Bog’s Library.  These are available for reviewing in the library and check-out by those who qualify.


Check-out privileges are extended to members of the Friends of Volo Bog, Lake County Astronomical Society, Shutterbugs, as-well-as active volunteers and Illinois Department of Natural Resources Staff.  Check out is self-serve and on the honor’s system. First time users please inquire about check-out procedures at the front desk

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