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Mammals of Volo Bog

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Common Name
Scientific Name
Castor canadensis
Big Brown Bat
Eptesicus fuscus
Large brown bat, may live in colonies
Canis latrans
Good sized canine predator, tail down while running
Deer Mouse
Peromyscus maniculatus
Common small rodent, omnivorous
Eastern Chipmunk
Tamias striatus
Ground dwelling herbivore, can be abundant
Eastern Cottontail
Sylvilagus floridanus
The common local rabbit, herbivore
Evening Bat
Nycticeius humeralis
Small brown colored bat
Fox Squirrel
Sciurus niger
Savannah squirrel with orange highlights in their tail
Gray Fox
Urocyon cineroargenteus
medium sized carnivore, black stripe down top of tail
Gray Squirrel
Sciurus carolinensis
Squirrel of thick forests, note cray highlights in tail
Hoary Bat
Lasiurus cinereus
Large bat with grizzled fur
Least Weasel
Mustela nivalis
Very small carnivore, long and skinny to follow mice into holes
Little Brown Bat
Myotis lucifugus
Lives in colonies like the Bat Barn
Long-tailed Weasel
Mustela frenata
Squirrel sized carnivore
Masked Shrew
Sorex cinereus
1/4th the size of a mouse, carnivorous, must eat it's weight in food each day
Meadow Jumping Mouse
Zapus hudsonius
Very long tail, hops like a kangaroo, needs larger habitats
Meadow Vole
Microtus pennsylvanicus
Small ears and short tail, abundant in open areas
Mustela vison
All dark except white patch under chin, carnivore
Ondatra zibethicus
Rabbit sized rodent with a tail flattened side to side
Northern Short-tailed Shrew
Blarina brevicauda
Mouse sized carnivore, one of three venemous mammals
Procyon lotor
Medium sized carnivore
Red Bat
Lasiurus borealis
Reddish fur, solitary, hides in vegetation
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes
medium sized carnivore, red color
Silver-haired Bat
Lasionycteris noctivagans
Small solitary bat
Southern Flying Squirrel
Glaucomys volans
Nocturnal, half the size of regular squirrels, glides between trees
Striped Skunk
Mephitis mephitis
nocturnal carnivore with aposamatic coloration
Thirteen-lined Groundsquirrel
Spermophilus tridecimlineatus
Medium sized burrowing herbivore
Virginia Opposum
Didelphis virginiana
A marsupial carbnivore
White-tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus
Large herbivore, males have antlers in the fall and winter
Woodchuck (Groundhog)
Marmota monax
Large burrowing herbivore
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