Birds of Volo Bog


Dragonflies & Damselflies


Prairie Garden Plants

Reptiles & Amphibians

Trees & Shrubs

Wetland Bog Plants

Birds of Volo Bog

Photo by Randy Schietzelt

Field documentation by Randy Heidorn, Rose Kirwan, David Miller, Stacy Miller, Marvin Schwartz, Dorothy & Joel Orlinsky, and Nancy & Randy Schietzelt


The following list and designations is based on fifteen years (1987 - 2002) of recorded observations*.  A total of 198 species have been seen at Volo Bog State Natural Area of which 70 are known or suspected to nest on the site.


This checklist will be periodically updated.  Please report any new sightings or confirmations of nesting to the office personnel or phone (815) 344-1294.


Butterflies of Volo Bog

The following checklist represents the possible butterflies you can see at Volo Bog.

Dragonsflies and Damsels of Volo Bog

Photo by Roger Shamey

List From Yvette Liautaud

Mammals of Volo Bog

Photo by Bob Vetter

List from Randy Schieteltz

Prairie Garden Plants of Volo Bog

Photo by Crissy Geary

List provided by the Volo Bog Prairie Gardeners

Reptiles & Amphibians of Volo Bog

Photo by Bob Vetter

Trees & Shrubs of Volo Bog

List provided by Randy Scheitzelt

Wetland Plants of Volo Bog

Photo by Crissy Geary

This list is brought to you by the Prairie Gardener Volunteers at -Volo Bog State Natural Area   

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