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Seen in the Bog: Week of June 16, 2024

The open-water area at the center of the bog, surrounded by lush, dark green vegetation.
Eye of Volo Bog on a hot June day

Seen in the Bog

When I walked the Volo Bog Interpretive Trail this warm Sunday morning, the vegetation around the boardwalk was thick and lush. Some of the ferns reached shoulder height. Flowers could be seen high and low.

Small white flowers appear directly on a branch, as well as green leaves that are much larger than the flowers
Flowers along a winterberry holly branch

A couple of the water arums along the boardwalk were still in bloom, but most were beginning to fruit.

The signs of interesting insects appeared on various bog plants. Many of the tall shrubs were sporting globs of what appeared to be spittlebug foam. At one point, I reached out to feel the soft tamarack needles, and I nearly put my hand in a cluster of small orange bugs.

At the eye of the bog, an egret was hunting around the edge. Some pickerelweed was blooming, though not the one closest to the boardwalk.

Seen Around the Bog

Several sandhill cranes and their gangly offspring were lurking near the visitor center.

It was a good day to see purple flowers! Lots of blue flag irises have popped up in the marsh. Some are quite close to the boardwalk. A few marsh skullcaps were also spotted.

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