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2023 Bird Seed Sale Recap: Thanks for your support!

Our 2023 Friends of Volo Bog Bird Seed Sale is over! We are blown away by the support and passion for our avian world, and truly appreciate that so many of you participated with the sale. Thank you for sharing in our love of wildlife and supporting FOVB.

We are proud to say with all of your orders FOVB will receive $625.75 from 44 customers, plus 6 new FOVB members! As a comparison, last year we raised $680.10 from 54 customers. So, there are some true bird and squirrel lovers in our area – this year there were fewer orders, but much larger ones.

Sue and Bruce Dietz from Harvard Eggs & Feed in Harvard, IL have partnered with us for many years in this event with their high-quality seeds. They always provide us with the best products to feed our bird and squirrel friends over the winter months, and they have become friends through this fundraiser. Rosie, their daughter, and Charlie, their grandson, come to help with delivery and unloading our order each year. We appreciate all their help throughout the fall season to support Friends of Volo Bog.

This fundraiser wouldn’t work without the Volo Bog staff and volunteers, especially Stacy Iwanicki and Caryn McAndrews. Amy Rundle and Ryan Clark were with us to organize the garage and unload the truck on delivery day. Dan, Monica and Dan Jr. Graham were the perfect greeters and workers to load seed into cars on the pickup day. To those of you who shared your bird and squirrel stories while having your cars loaded, thank you for all the beautiful thoughts! Many of you who ordered also donated seed to Volo Bog. To think about the birds not only in your yard, but also in our state natural area is very generous. We are grateful to all of you for your immense love of nature and Volo Bog.

Hope to see you, and many others, at next year’s sale!

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Nov 12, 2023

Thank you Linnnea & Bill - for all you do!

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